Project Description

Who are Chelmsford College?


Erm, well, they’re a college based in Chelmsford!


Our mission for Chelmsford College was quite simple, they wanted to connect with all local business owners and senior HR people to assist in placing the colleges apprentices.


Our approach was quite simple as well, a soft approach, advising of the colleges many wonderful apprentices but also giving away the advice on how to get government assistance with grants for apprentices as well.


Chelmsford College have been highly successful. With a mix of their soft approach giving value and a useful offer to local businesses has meant that they have engaged all businesses within the Essex area.

They have consistently had 15-20 phone calls booked every single week with companies looking for apprentices. They had this to say:

“We needed a professional, fast-acting LinkedIn campaign to connect with new employers and drive leads for apprenticeships, work experience placements, mentoring and offers of careers talks to students.

As a result, we’ve seen consistent, high quality and relevant leads which have led to meaningful connections and new business.

This campaign has enabled us to speak directly with senior decision makers and close business smoothly, respecting employers’ time and getting the right information to them promptly.”