Pinterest, half social media, half search engine. Therefore, it needs to be treated as such when building a strategy. Doing that will make it a powerful traffic driver.

48% of active users on Pinterest at any given time are looking to spend money on what they’re searching for, there and then.

This makes it an essential platform for any company that sells a product but also for any company that offers a service.

We help come up with strategies to help you rank well not only on Pinterest but on Google as well through Pinterest.

On top of that, we will be busy running things in the background for you, finding your ideal customer and making them a follower of yours. After just a few months, you will see your traffic getting higher and higher as you post more pins. The beauty of Pinterest is the search engine part of it means that your content never disappears from sight. It is always easy to find, if you use it in the right way.

Our minimum contract length is just one month, we don’t need to tie you into anything long term as we know our methods work. Plus, once we have gained you as many targeted followers as possible, you’ll still have the benefit of all our work forever more.

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