Twitter is an often forgotten platform by marketers despite there being over 330 million active users every month.

We can build you a targeted following of people that are in the demographics of your ideal customer and better than that, every time you tweet, we will make sure that you get lots of likes and retweets, making you look like a key player in your field.

Finding your ideal customer can be done through a keyword search, by hashtags they use or by the accounts they follow. We can even find them through a combination of all 3 if needed. We will always make sure that your new followers are exactly who you want and not any old randoms.

We know that the earlier you get engagement on your Tweets, the better those Tweets will perform. So we make sure that early engagement happens to get the maximum amount of eyes on your content as possible. Even with sales messages.

Our minimum contract length is just one month, we don’t need to tie you into anything long term as we know our methods work. If you want to start getting your message out to your target audience and beyond then get in contact.

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