Linkedin Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a crucial lead generator and revenue stream for your business. We help you find the right audiences, generate loads of inbound inquiries and all within a short time frame.

Every business, brand and customer is different. So we will work with you to understand your objectives, and find the right approach to bring you the best success. We will take you through a number of options that are achievable and realistic to your business.

Successful lead generation on LinkedIn is made up of two key components; the first, running searches that bring back your target audience correctly and secondly, starting conversations with them in a way that makes them want to do business with you.

We take the time to understand your target audience with you to ensure we find every last person on LinkedIn that is an ideal customer. A successful search is much more than just typing a job title into the LinkedIn search bar. We can find your ideal client; whether it is by location, job title, industry, companies of a certain size, hell, we can even find people that have just started their business and will most likely be in need of your services.

With our search expertise, you can expect up to 80 new targeted connections each and every week. Which brings us onto the other key component of generating leads; knowing how to start a conversation with them.

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn is much more than just sending a message and hoping to get a reply. With our expertise, we will craft a message that will get read and most importantly, get positive responses. 

Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and get ready for all the warm leads to start appearing in your LinkedIn inbox, booking phone calls with you and wanting to know more about how they can become a paying customer of yours.

If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us or view our LinkedIn FAQ section.

As we build you a targeted audience, they are yours for life. We will give you the knowledge needed to continue leveraging those contacts to make sure you still get leads, long after you’ve stopped paying us!

We have several options available to you. A month by month basis that is £350 each month on a rolling basis, 5 months at £1250 for the whole term, or a year at £2500.

So, are you ready to start generating leads with LinkedIn marketing and get new customers?

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    What Our Linkedin Marketing Clients Say

    “Milo has done for us what others promise to do and never do. What’s more, he’s done it for way less than others too. I’ve recommended Milo to others and the results have been the same – amazing. When Milo reaches out, ignore this guy at your peril!”

    “Not so much the Digital Dominator, more the Digital Deliverer. ROI via Milo is remarkable. Straightforward, easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Getting up and running is straightforward. If you want B2B marketing expertise on LinkedIn, look no further.”

    Adam Pritchard, Pritchard Foods

    “Milo has been great at supporting me with the first steps of building my networks. Milo is always at the end of the phone as well to discuss questions and queries, as well as doing the background work. He definitely increased my network and from this several opportunities are coming to fruition.”

    Sarah Jones, Sarah-J Coaching