A word that not long ago scared the life out of me. However I knew it was a process that is necessary.


I’ve run my own agency for over 2 years now and had a handful of clients early on. One of them was 80% of my income.


Then, the client fell on hard times. My services could no longer be afforded (despite my services bringing in a positive ROI.)


I was sat well and truly in my comfort zone and was dumped to the darkest depths away from it.


I had 2 options. Learn sales or get a job.


Having run my own businesses for 6 years at the time, the thought of having a boss again terrified me.


The thought of working in insurance again was even worse!


The combination of the 2, motivated me!


There was no way I was working in insurance again – with a boss! Especially as I hadn’t worked in insurance for 6 years.


Most likely I’d have had to go back to a much lower role than I previously held with a 23 year old boss whose only talent to become a manager was to be a massive arse kisser.


I was motivated and determined.


So getting in new business it was. Thing is I sucked at sales, despite being great at marketing.


In the Premier League of sales skills, I was Accrington Stanley……… Reserves.


I failed, time and time again. Despite my product and service being fantastic.


That took me into a conversation with a friend called Dan. He offered me some work at his agency and we built up a solid offering with products that I really believed in and products that really worked.


To cut a long story short. I worked with Dan for a year and then started back on myself.


More skilled, more polished, more determined.


I’d discovered so many more great ways to generate leads but my actual sales skills remained as poor as before.


Or so I thought….


I went about getting leads using the great LinkedIn lead generation we offer out and sure enough, the leads started coming in and the phone calls booked.


Bricking it, I called the first person and the sale was made!


I was confident, I was clear. I nailed it but thought nothing of it. Presuming it was just luck.


But then my lucky streak continued. It was more than luck, I’d become good!


I’ve read a ridiculous amount of sales books to no avail and haven’t read any since but something had changed.


The key was I’d become “at one” with what I offer. I had a true understanding of what my offer was, why it should be used, what the benefits were and what the outcomes would be.


Previously I knew I could offer a great service but I could never answer the question of why I could.


One of the keys of marketing is to get across the benefits of your service and not the features and it’s no different with sales.


My experience now tells me the answers.


I believe in my products and I understand them fully. I know they work. I know why they work and I can say with a relative degree of accuracy what the outcome will be.


So I guess, to convert leads, that’s all you really need.