Do you go to networking meetings but don’t use LinkedIn?


Networking in business has been around for more years than I know.


Some people pay £500 a year to be part of a group. Then pay another £20 a week to attend each meeting.


So roughly, £1500 a year.


£1500 to network with the same 20 people every week plus the odd guest.


LinkedIn is free and has millions of users.


LinkedIn, at the end of the day, is a networking platform.


There’s a host of business people to build relationships with.


You can find who you want, where you want, when you want.


Want to build a network of people to share your expertise to? You can build it on LinkedIn.


Or you can say it to the 20 people in your networking meeting. Most of which, probably don’t fully understand and probably won’t share it to their network.


Want to find a new accountant? There’s probably 200 within 5 miles of you on LinkedIn.


Or switch to the accountant at your networking meeting. He’s been there for a year but you don’t even know anything about him other than he’s an accountant.


Have a new product that you know certain industries need? You can sell it on LinkedIn.


You can connect with thousands of people in those industries and tell them about it.


Or you can offer it to the one person you go networking with that has a need for it.


Of course, effective networking goes deeper than this but whatever you can do at network meetings, you can do x1000 on LinkedIn.


The only thing you don’t get is a fried breakfast!


LinkedIn is growing at 2 new users every second! That is better than Facebook!


13% of users don’t have Facebook and 59% don’t have Twitter!


106 million people visit every month.


If you’re a B2B business – LinkedIn is a must.


It’s not scary, it’s just networking and it’s a potential gold mine!


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