Will there be any pubs left by the end of next year? Could my business use social media better? What’s for dinner tonight? All burning questions. Often the pace of modern life means we look forward for answers, but sometimes a wistful look back is all we need, to see what’s coming next.

Originally named Digitalis Dominus, we’ve helped generate better results since the 1st century. Our first solution enabled people to count fingers and toes, their digits, more effectively. Unlike other charlatans we didn’t have a one size fits all approach, we could see everybody’s hands and feet were different, especially in Norwich, where the number of fingers could range from 1 up to as many as 43 – per hand!

That tradition of a bespoke approach is carried through to this very day.

We’ve always been at the forefront of industry developments. From the Arithmometer of the 1800s, the shift of analogue to digital computers, and then the explosion of social media in the 2000s, it’s always an exciting space to be Dominus of.

Now here we are with Covid-19.

Many business owners are asking, ‘How should we adapt our online strategy?’

The bubonic plague of the 14th century saw many homes and villages quarantined, vinegar used instead of hand sanitiser, and lasting changes to the structure of the economy. By all accounts it was a truly ghastly time. At least in our lockdown we have the hope of modern medicine and our trusty mobiles for company. And what are we doing with our phones? Social media, of course. Research by GWI says 40% of US & UK citizens report sharing more personal news and updates than they were before the virus. In many ways this is a great opportunity for brands, people are easier to reach, and even older audiences are now more accessible online. But brands have to be extremely careful not to been seen to capitalise on the pandemic, and they must ensure content is in line with constantly changing regulations.

Sensitivity is important but opportunity is out there.

Research by Mckinsey shows that both B2B buyers and sellers seem to prefer the digital & remote way of human engagement. Apparently only 20% buyers want to return to an in-person approach to sales. And this isn’t just for small ticket items. Customers are now happy to buy big online, with 70% comfortable at purchasing above $50,000 and 27% above $500,000. We shouldn’t be surprised.

The bubonic plague lead to the end of feudalism.

We are already seeing a quieter London. Many people have found they can work just as effectively at home, without the hassle of commuting and the price of a posh sandwich every day. Never has there been a better time for local businesses to maximise their online efforts. You no longer need a flashy, plush office to impress your customers, just an effective way to get people to your website. And we, the Digital Dominators, are here to help you do exactly that. And the good news, we’ll get your more leads than you count on your feet and hands combined, even if you’re one of those people from Norwich.

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