First it was the masks. Then, hand sanitizers. Then, for some reason, toilet paper.

Now, Coronavirus panic buyers are snatching up LinkedIn lead generation services.

Why? Well we reached out to a variety of people on their opinions.

We asked ex policeman and community businessman Rick Grimes for his thoughts:

“I think people are thinking worst case scenario. If the majority of the world dies and you’re fighting off hordes of zombies only to then run into a bunch of rogue bandits to then kill them off and come across another horde of zombies to then come across yet another bunch of rogue bandits ad infinitum – you’d get highly bored and pissed off. Much like Fox Network with their absolute milking of The Walking Dead. At least if you’ve got a great looking, approachable LinkedIn profile with lots of connections – you can keep in contact with other trustworthy folk. Plus you can keep in touch with suppliers so there’s no need for yet another supplies run, which, despite the previous 27 times you’ve done it and someone has got themselves killed, you’re going to do it anyway. Plus you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be someone likeable, it’s never fucking Carol is it? Never!”

Whilst out and about on the streets of Basildon we asked 19 year old mum of 7, Brittney her thoughts.

“I dunno innit. I see’s everyone else doing it innit so I’m doing it as well innit. Anyway, I’m off to queue outside Tesco for 3 hours to get 200 rolls of toilet paper cause I’m a moron innit.”


Finally, the most sensible comment came from Milo Dunne, king of Digital Dominator Ltd.

“I think people are worried about their livelihoods and during these tough times they just want to build their networks with potential customers. They certainly want to be ready and to start building relationships with new people now rather than when they’re struggling. People are coming to us because we’re capable of getting conversations going with potentially hundreds of people a month. That could be valuable. Plus, as a thank you for reading this far, we’re offering a free trial of our services to 3 people/companies that get in contact with us. Sure, some people could say we’re trying cash in on this pandemic and if you do, feel free to let us know in the comments section, we could use the engagement.”