This week, I had a business meeting in Basingstoke and as a treat to myself, I booked a first class ticket because I wanted to make sure that I had space and ability to work on the train.

Or so I thought…

The train from Ipswich pulled up and I found the first class area – all 8 seats of it! Fortunately it was empty, had it not been, I might not have had access to the half tables on offer or the one plug socket.

To be fair though, the one plug socket wasn’t such a big deal. I’m not sure if one of the mice powering it had died but it wasn’t charging my laptop as quickly as it was dying.

This was a brand new laptop, literally, my first task was to get everything set up on it. Which of course, I couldn’t because the train didn’t even provide Wi-Fi!

Now, for any of you that have had the extreme honour of travelling in Suffolk/North Essex will know, there’s not a great amount of life about outside of Ipswich/Colchester and thus, you get no mobile network for large parts of the journey.

So I had 2 options, write a blog post on notepad or play Freecell on the laptop until it died. I won 3 games out of 3 on Freecell – go me!

I also took some time to take the contemplating selfie of myself. Which wasn’t really that contemplating, more that I was trying not to look like a raging psycho that I usually do when taking a selfie. It’s not something I practice that often.

So to sum up, I paid Greater Anglia Rail extra money to sit on a seat with a bit of leather on it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is the most pointless post you’ve ever seen. I agree – I just wanted to write something that was as useless as the first class area on my train. If you’re feeling outraged at the time you’ve wasted reading this, send me a message with your address and I’ll pop you some leather strips in the post.