The time will soon be upon us, that special day when children wake up early, excited to hunt for presents from a stranger. Families will get together for hearty, traditional meals and then retreat to the sofas and overindulge in chocolate. At Digital Dominator we are busy getting ready too, in fact, we made our first batch of Hot Cross Buns today.

Hot Cross Buns, you say?

Yes, that’s right, we’re getting ready for Easter. We thought we’d skip the Corona Christmas and go straight to Easter with its promise of cute bunny rabbits, a vaccine and forgiveness of all our sins – except ours, as pure angels, we need no fogiveness. Easter might seem a long way off, who even wants to think of daffodils before the turkey’s been stuffed? However, in all seriousness, the retailers are. Come January 1st Cream Eggs will appear in the shops, everyone will grumble about things happening ‘earlier and earlier,’ but they’ll place them in their baskets all the same.

From a business point of view, Easter 2021 falls at the start of quarter 2. So, by the time we’re eating eggs and worrying about our waistlines, your business should have achieved a fourth of its commercial target. And as the lambs’ frolic, you should be able to see a sales pipeline to hit target in quarter 3.

It makes sense to think like those manufacturers putting eggs in the shops earlier and earlier. The sooner you start next year’s lead generation; the more opportunity customers have to buy from you.

Eggs-actly how should we do that?

Traditionally companies look back on the year they’ve had, complete an analysis, set related targets and organise what they need to achieve their goals. That methodology won’t get us very far this year, which is a blessing! Businesses now have an opportunity to start afresh with their thinking, and since Easter is all about new life, it’s the perfect inspiration for success.

Here’s our 3-step guide to rise up your business in 2021: Reflect > Proclaim> Celebrate

The lockdown of 2020 has meant giving up many freedoms and living much quieter lives. Just like Lent, it’s been a time of reflection. Many of your prospects and customers will feel differently than they did just a few months ago, so it’s important to talk with them now and learn what’s changed. For example, they may have financial and/or health fears your messaging should be sensitive too.

When the disciples discovered Jesus re-born, they proclaimed his name and the miracle for all to hear. This is exactly what you need to do with your business. Don’t sit quietly in the corner and hope people find you. Get out there and spread the word, especially with your messaging aligned to their 2021 needs. Let people know you’re providing a valuable service; they’ll be glad to hear it. It really is as simple as the more people you speak to, the more customers you’ll win. Set yourself conversation targets and start now, why wait until after Christmas?

Once you’ve done all the hard work of reflection and proclamation, there’ll be something to celebrate, your new customers rolling in. And Easter, with its early April date, is perfectly timed to celebrate a cracking success of your quarter 1 target.

Let’s make Easter the new Christmas!

All that’s left to do is wait until Easter eve, rush out to fight for the last eggs, and then consume an entire bottle of sherry saved for the rabbit. On second thoughts, perhaps all the traditions don’t carry over quite so neatly. Instead, we’re just going to focus on the joy we can bring by stepping up our lead generation now, to hatch more customers in 2021.

If you’d like to find out more on how we can help you, please get in touch.

P.S. Easter crackers and trees are already a thing, check your local supermarket in a couple of months!